On stilts above the rest

bodiesHilary Mantel wins the Costa Book of the Year award for ‘Bring up the bodies’ and sets yet another record as the first person to win the Costa and the Man Booker in the same year.

You can read the opening chapter here

The chair of judges, Dame Jenni Murray, said: “One book simply stood head and shoulders, more than head and shoulders … on stilts, above the rest. We had a really good discussion, like being at a high-powered book club, and I said, ‘OK, let’s have a vote on Bring up the Bodies’ and every hand went up.”

Responding to criticism about her book winning too many awards and stifling other talent, Mantel said she was “not going to apologise”.

“I’m not sorry, I’m happy and I shall make it my business to try to write more books that will be worth more prizes,” she said on stage.

Good for her! Do you think the judges were right?


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  1. Fantastic result well deserved bring on book three! For anyone craving more historical fiction in the meantime I can recommend John Saturnall’s Feast by Lawrence Norfolk, a below and above stairs tale set in the English civil war.

  2. Any authors hoping to win any prizes should publish quickly before ahe can finish book 3!

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