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What-ho, I’ve found a spiffing series of country house mysteries set in the 1920′s.They’re by Carola Dunn and feature society girl and aspiring journalist Daisy Dalrymple. I’ve just finished the first (“Death at Wentwater Court”) and whilst the ending was somewhat contrived, I think I’ll look out for others in the series to see if they improve. If you enjoy Agatha Christie, Dorothy Sayers or M C Beaton, then you might like these.


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  1. hi..i read your review of the 20’s mystery you know about mary westmacott novels..the psuedonym of agatha christie..just 6 novels published..i’m quite curious about these but dont know if they are easily obtainable..any info from you would be appreciated on this matter

  2. There is some information about the books here The titles are Giant’s Bread, Unfinished Portrait, Absent in the Spring, Rose and the Yew Tree, Burden and A Daughter’s Daughter. We have copies of all of them except A Daughter’s Daughter. Some are old copies which we have in our store, some are new as all the books are still in print. If you use the Online catalogue you should be able to order the new copies of Giant’s Bread and Unfinished Portrait or you can ask your local library about ordering any of the titles and they will get the store copies sent out for you. If you decide to read them, do let us know what you think of them.

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