Enter the Creepy House


There’s a spine-tingling adventure waiting in Wakefield Council libraries this summer. Children can discover Creepy House, the Summer Reading Challenge 2013 and join a gang of young explorers as they work their way through three thrilling floors, The Awful Upstairs, The Gruesome Ground Floor and The Spine-tingling Cellar! As they discover the secrets of the house by reading library books and they can collect stickers to add to a special fold-out poster.
Dare them to enter the Creepy House! It’s free to join by visiting any Wakefield Council library from Saturday 13th July. They can choose books for themselves and there will be prizes to win as they read, including a gold medal and certificate if they can read six books. It’s for children aged four and over and it’s a great chance to share books and talk about reading as a family. There will be lots of Creepy House activities in libraries too and there is a special website at http://www.creepy-house.org.uk


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  1. SleepyDragon1320

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    These are excellent schemes and I speak as someone who has both participated and help run these events in my local library.

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