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From the Book review pages:

It’s long (3,200 pages), it’s big (2000 characters), it doesn’t have much in the way of action (the first 50 pages basically describe the narrator turning over in bed), it’s just turned 100 years old and it’s probably the greatest work of fiction ever written. This month marks the centenary of Vol. 1 of Marcel Proust’s ‘A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu’ (aka ‘Remembrance of Things Past’ or ‘In Search of Lost Time’ depending on the translation – a long story in itself!). A famously daunting read with sprawling sentences and paragraphs with more building work than some schools of architecture, no novel I’ve ever read is so rewarding in the way it gradually pulls you in then takes over your life. So go on, in this centenary year, give it a try, and enhance your literary bragging rights for ever more! Maybe our libraries should hold Proustian birthday parties with tea, madeleines and borrowers swapping involuntary memories…..

‘In Search of Lost Time Vol 1 – Swann’s Way’ by Marcel Proust.


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