Richard and Judy’s Summer Reads

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Here they are, the books to have in your beach bag this summer. There is ‘marriage thriller’ (a new category!) Before We Met, international spy thriller I am Pilgrim, the wonderful, moving And the Mountains Echoed..something for everybody. Robert Harris is unmissable and this one is about the fascinating Dreyfus affair but as the review says: Compelling, too, are the echoes for our modern world: an intelligence agency gone rogue, justice corrupted in the name of national security, a newspaper witch-hunt of a persecuted minority, and the age-old instinct of those in power to cover-up their crimes. There are bound to be many books set during the First World War over the next four years. The Lie by Helen Dunmore will surely be one of the best. There are reviews of all the books on the Richard and Judy page


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