Enter the Mythical Maze

The summer holidays will be with us soon and we are all ready for our biggest reading promotion of the year, the Summer Reading Challenge. Evey year, three quarters of a million children join the Summer Reading Challenge in their local libraries and try to read six books before they go back to school. This year the theme is the Mythical Maze and when they join they will get a wonderful Maze poster designed by this year’s artist Sarah McIntyre. As they read books they will get stickers of creatures like mermaids and unicorns to add to the maze. There are little rewards too and a gold medal and certificate when they complete the challenge. Sometimes the certificates are awards in assemblies when they go back to school so that their teachers know who has taken part. The challenge really helps children keep up their reading skills over the summer break when there is often a dip in reading levels but there is no need to tell them it’s good for them- they will just think it’s fun and will want to hurry back to the library to collect their next stickers. It’s suitable for any child of 4 and over, they can choose any books they like to read, or to share with an adult if they are just learning to read, there’s a website they can explore with games and reading ideas and best of all it’s totally free! Get the family lost in the Mythical Maze this summer!


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  1. SleepyDragon1320

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    Want something to do this summer holidays? Need to get your kids reading more? Then head to your local library and join the summer reading scheme!
    As someone who has helped run these events, I know kids love reading during these events and love getting the prizes during the scheme and the medal and certificate at the end. Get involved and have fun!

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