The Vikings are coming!


We will shortly have something a little different in Wakefield Library. The Stanley Ferry logboat is about a thousand years old and the earliest known logboat with evidence of fitted ribs. (pictured above being assembled) It was discoverd near the River Calder in 1838 during an excavation for the aqueduct and we are thrilled to welcome it back to Wakefield.
To go with it, there is a beautiful map of England at the period when the logboat was in use by local artist John Welding. Do drop in next week to see this fascinating link to Wakefield’s past.


If you would like a Viking novel to enjoy after seeing the boat you could try one of the Warrior Chronicles by Bernard Cornwell, The Whale Road by Robert Low, or Odinn’s Child by Tim Severin. Vikings are popular in Mills and Boon romances (illustrated by lots of muscular torsoes) but I’d go for Anya Seton’s Avalon (sadly out of print) or Joanne Harris’s new fantasy novel The Gospel of Loki. Joanne will be at Wakefield Lit fest this year to talk about this novel. Finally, written for younger readers but enjoyable at any age, Rosemary Sutcliff’s Sword Song or Kevin Crossley-Holland’s Bracelet of Bone.


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