From Wakefield to Covent Garden, ‘Sausage Hall’ has found great friends!

Enjoying ‘Tea at Sausage Hall’ with author Christina James. As always, I was impressed by our Readers Group members, never at a loss for an intelligent question or a lively debate. Watch out for details of our exciting author events next Spring, which will be available soon.

Christina James, crime novelist

Launching 'Sausage Hall' at Wakefield Launching ‘Sausage Hall’ at Wakefield

This is the final post on my launch week activities for Sausage Hall.  I’m covering the last two events: Tea at Sausage Hall, an imaginative tea-party given last Wednesday by Alison Cassels, Lynne Holroyd, Claire Pickering and their colleagues at the Wakefield Library at Wakefield One, which regular readers of this blog will know has provided me with granite-strength support ever since In the Familywas published two years ago,

Tea at Sausage Hall (And yes, there was cake!) Tea at Sausage Hall (And yes, there was cake!)

and an evening of conversation and readings at the Covent Garden branch of Waterstones, rounding off the celebrations with a London launch on Thursday.

Ever resourceful, Alison and her team provided sausage rolls, cake (Yes, there was cake!) and biscuits for the tea party.  (Her e-mail to me when organising the event reads ‘Can you put chocolate cake in the title of your next…

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