Richard and Judy’s Spring titles

I was very pleased to see that Laura Barnett, our guest speaker at last year’s Lit Fest Readers’ Group Day, has had her book ‘The Versions of Us’ chosen by Richard and Judy for their Spring collection. It was a real pleasure to meet and talk to her and it will be good to see her book promoted to a wider audience. We have plenty of copies in stock and a readers group set too! We have also just had delivered a Readers Group set of’ Our endless numbered days’ by Claire Fuller. The book won the Desmond Elliott Prize for New Fiction and I’m looking forward to discussing it with one of my groups. Other familiar authors are Rosamund Lupton (author of ‘Afterwards’) with her new book’ The Quality of silence’ and Sarah Winman whose previous book ‘When God was a rabbit’ has been a popular readers group choice. Will ‘A year of Marvellous Ways ‘ be a Readers Group winner too? There are eight titles to choose from (find out more here)  and you can order them all from your library.


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