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A Sweet Wild Note

Our next Read Regional author event is at Horbury Library on Friday 25 May at 10.30am. We will be meeting Richard Smyth, a writer, researcher and editor who is a regular contributor to Bird Watching magazine, and reached the final of Mastermind with a specialist subject of British birds. He writes and reviews for The Times, Guardian, Times Literary Supplement, Literary Review, New Statesman, BBC Wildlife, New Humanist, Illustration and New Scientist. He also writes novels and short fiction, and has written several books on English history.

A Sweet Wild Note is a cultural history of birdsong – a book not just about what the birds are saying when they sing, but about what we’re hearing when we listen to them. It ranges from the poetry of Keats to the history of finch-keeping; from the music of Beethoven to the technology that allows us to capture birdsong in vivid high fidelity; from asking why birds sing to thinking about why we love their songs.

Richard comes from Horbury originally and we are looking forward to welcoming him back to his home turf.

Please note that the date of this event has changed from the original date of 18 May printed in the Read Regional booklet.

Contact Horbury Library on 01924 303060 or to book a free place .

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