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  1. How many librarians does it take to deal with a customer inquiry ? The answer is at least 5.The precis of the farce I experienced is:- around 10.40 having worked on PC61 since 9.05 I got fed up of the intermittent server connection failures and informed the staff member sat reading the wakefield express behind the counter , of the internet problems.She assured me that all computers were effected and that “they” were aware of it. I went back to PC61 and made one last attempt to call up the pages i was working on.Which i did until I ran out of time at 11.05,unable to complete all my work which because of the server glitches I couldn’t. I then went back to the desk and informed a different member of staff about my predicament,who told me to wait a moment-at least 5 minutes unattended-because she was dealing with another client.A third staff member then entered to whom i repeated my entire episode.She tried phoning upstairs and after a few minutes told me its busy,no-ones picking up. I then went upstairs and spoke to the (4th) member of staff as she was not engaged with any other customer.I repeated my predicament and all the other staff responses.A fifth staff member became involved and she enquired from her colleagues if anyone up here had had internet problems.Apparently not,which contradicted the assurance i got earlier from the 1st.staff member I’d asked. my basic point,that they consider giving me just an additional 15 minutes in lieu of at least that amount lost due to server glitches never got dealt with. I left around 11.20, none the wiser.
    Louis Kasatkin

    • Your comments have been passed to a Library Manager who will send a reply to your email address as soon as possible. Can we ask you to use the ‘Comments, Compliments and Complaints’ form available in all libraries for complaints about library services or I.T. problems please, as they can then be sent directly to the appropriate person without delay. Thank you.

  2. John Killick

    Dear Alison

    I see that 18th to 24th May is Dementia Awareness Week. I am one of the authors of the books chosen for the Reading Well project. My book is ‘Dementia Positive’. I live in Hebden Bridge and would be happy to come along and give a talk or reading (from the book or of poems by people with dementia) on the Monday or Friday of that week. Or at another time if you can’t fit it in then.

    Very best wishes

  3. Hi, do you know of any support for dyslexic children? Thank you!

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