Books on Prescription for Dementia



Reading Well Books on Prescription for dementia recommends books you might find helpful if you have dementia, are caring for someone with dementia or want to find out more about the condition. The books include information and advice, help after diagnosis, practical support for carers and personal stories. The books have been recommended by health professionals and tried and tested by people with experience of dementia.

All the books are available in Wakefield Libraries and can be reserved free at a branch or online.

If you have concerns about Alzheimer’s disease or about any other form of dementia, the Alzheimer’s Society National Dementia Helpline can provide information, support, advice and referrals to other appropriate organisations. Call 0300 222 1122

Information and advice   

Introduction to the Psychology of Ageing for Non-specialists by Ian Stuart Hamilton

Coping with Memory Problems by Sallie Baxendale

Alzheimers: Answers at your Fingertips by Alex Bailey

Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease & Other Dementias by Nori Graham and James Warner

ABC of Dementia edited by Bernard Coope and Felicity Richards

About Dementia: For People with Learning Disabilities by Karen Dodd, Vicky Turk and Michelle Christmas

Grandma by Jessica Shepherd 


Living well with dementia

First Steps to Living with Dementia by Simon Atkins

Dementia Positive by John Killick

Hearing the Person with Dementia: Person-centred Approaches to Communication for Families and Caregivers by Bernie McCarthy

Chocolate Rain: 100 Ideas for a Creative Approach to Activities in Dementia Care by Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris

Pictures to Share (various titles) by Helen Bate


Support for relatives and carers

When Someone You Love Has Dementia by Susan Elliot-Wright

And Still the Music Plays: Stories of People with Dementia by Graham Stokes

Can I Tell You about Dementia? A Guide for Family, Friends and Carers with Jude Welton

Dementia: Support for Family and Friends by Dave Pulsford and Rachel Thompson

10 Helpful Hints for Carers: Practical Solutions for Carers Living with People with Dementia by June Andrews

Seeing Beyond Dementia: A Handbook for Carers with English as a Second Language by Rita Salomon


Personal stories

Dancing with Dementia: My Story of Living Positively with Dementia by Christine Bryden

Dear Dementia: The Laughter and the Tears by Ian Donaghy

Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Losing Clive to Younger Onset Dementia: One Family’s Story by Helen Beaumont

Telling Tales about Dementia: Experiences of Caring by Lucy Whitman

The Little Girl in the Radiator: Mum, Alzheimer’s and Me by Martin Slevin

But Then Something Happened: A Story of Everyday Dementia by Chris Carling

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