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World Book Night 2016

World Book Night will take place on 23 April 2016. The idea behind the celebration is to use the power of an army of book lovers to try to put books into the hands of people who don’t read very often.  Plan who you would like to give books to and how you would do it, then apply to be a Book Night giver on the website Some of the books you could choose are shown and there are books for teenagers and Quick Reads too. The books can be collected from local libraries. Applications close on 29 January so start planning now and good luck!


Sound of the Three Wisdoms

We’d like to share the very special poem written at a recent creative writing workshop. One of our regular partners Vanessa Goddard (Senior Tutor for Additional Learning Support, Adult Education)  is running a Mental Health Support Project. Learners can self-refer onto the project and must have, or previously have had, mild to moderate mental health issues. All the courses offered are geared up to assist them in dealing with these issues and we arranged a creative writing morning with the help of  Bibliotherapist and Creative Writing tutor Julie Walker. The group, who didn’t know each other, were initially a little worried about taking part, but over the session they developed confidence and stressed how much the writing session helped them.


Here is the poem they wrote which is read to the tune of  ‘My Favourite Things’ from the Sound of Music.

The Sound of the Three Wisdoms 

My son’s eyes smiling

And grandkids who love me

Tweet of the blue birds

The buzz of the wild bee


Freedom from worry

The stress and the woe

This is the way that my day should go


When the storm breaks

When the clouds crash

When I’m feeling low

I listen to favourite songs that I know

And then I begin to glow


A poem by

John, Russ and Rita

Murder and Mince Pies!


Join us on Monday 30 November 2pm at Wakefield Library and Museum for an afternoon of crime and cake! Christina James, the author of In the Family, Almost Love and Sausage Hall, will be introducing her latest D.I. Yates thrill, The Crossing. Join us for afternoon tea with Christina and treat yourself to an early Christmas present.

Free event but booking is essential please, tel 01924 305376

or email

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