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  1. Why has your filtering system blocked allpoetry,the most popular online poetry site ? it seems to say pornography. Clearly that is nonsense.I expect to see this stasi-like censorship of allpoetry rescinded without any undue delay. Thank You.

    • I am sorry that you were unable to access the website during your recent visit. Thank you for drawing it to our attention.The allpoetry website has been added to our internet filtering whitelist, which means you will now be able to access the site from a library computer.
      As you are aware, the library computers have a filtering mechanism in place to prevent access to sites which are inappropriate for use in a public facility. This is done by setting generic parameters within the filtering system, and while we do recognise that this does mean on occasion some acceptable sites are blocked, it is a limitation we work with in order to achieve the protection levels we seek for our customers.

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